About Zambrana


Ernesto Zambrana: Surfer – Shaper

Oldshool pic of Puerto Rican custom surfboard shaper Ernesto Zambrana.My love of surfing started while growing up in the surfing and skateboarding scene of the 60’s. By the 80’s I began to design my own boards. Surfing is my life and shaping boards was the perfect fusion between my two passions – surfing and art.

I learned in the early days of shaping and it was a hard time to learn. Nobody was willing to share shaping knowledge, but I never quit. I also wasn’t like everyone else. That’s why my shaping is room not only for customizing the best boards, but an open opportunity for anyone who wants to learn about designing and building his own surfboard.

Tom Curren and Ernesto Zambrana the Puerto Rican custom surfboard shaper. Tom Curren with his Zambrana Surfboard. Zambrana shaping with Rob Machado Ernesto Zambrana jamming out with Rob Machado. Ernesto Zambrana with Kelly Slater.

For generations Zambrana Surfboards has built the best and most realistic customized boards with functional elements on design perfectly suited to the different wave conditions here in Puerto Rico. From beginners like the kids to world champs like Tom Curren, all have enjoyed enjoyed their ride on Zambrana’s surf boards.”

Redefined models like the famous “FG”, “HPFG”, “Da Grom”, “M.N.E”, “Bullet”, and “Hybrido” are some of the models that are sure to upgrade your surfing level.

So go for it and enjoy the Zambrana experience!